Thank you Canada – #blogcember day 7

Watching Aria grow this past year has been nothing short of amazing. As you guys may or may not know, I am a proud Canadian. In Canada we get up to 12 months of maternity leave. Honestly, I did not know how much of a luxury this was until I had Aria. I just felt so at peace to know that I had a whole year to figure this mom thing out, I could be present with Aria 100%. I had made it a point early on, to make the best of this year since I knew I was blessed to be getting it. I thought I would dedicate a post to say Thank You to Canada, the country that allowed me to experience many wonderful moments with my baby girl. Down below are just SOME of the moments I have loved and will cherish from the past year (let the sappiness begin).

I have loved;

Not having to set an alarm, and instead waking up to Aria saying “hi” on repeat

Saying our morning prayer together before we head downstairs to start our day

Figuring out what she enjoys to eat and what she would rather feed to the floor

Watching her learn all the actions to her favourite nursery rhymes

Watching her learn to communicate in her own way (usually by screaming)

Seeing her go from scooting to crawling to walking (it’s crazy how fast they grow)

Comforting her when she has stranger danger (it’s just the best feeling when she wants her mama)

Splashing in the bath tub with her (or rather getting splashed by her)

Trying out new hairstyles with a million different bows

Watching her face light up when I put her down to play with her toys

Venturing out to go run errands (she makes a trip to Wal-mart an event)

Visiting the Early years Center to play with friends her age

Reading her favourite book a million times

Watching her face of concentration as she tries something new

Rocking her to sleep every night and planning the exciting things we will do the next day

But the best part was that I was able to enjoy these moments wholeheartedly, without thinking and/or worrying about work the next day.

So Thank You Canada!!! I truly am blessed to call you my home.

Hugs and kisses to all!

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