I’m Back…hopefully.

Hello friends, as usual I have taken a hiatus and am now back with the new year!

What can I say? Working/mom life got the best of me these past couple of years and my passion for writing was once again put on hold. Why is it so hard for me to give a little bit of time for myself? Well let me try my best to explain it.

Since going back to work, I feel like I am playing catch up with life. Always a step behind. There’s ALWAYS something that needs to be done. If the kitchen is clean, the laundry has piled up. If the clothes are put away (HA as if they ever are), the sink is over flowing. I clean the house on Saturday, and by Monday evening, it’s like a tornado has hit again.

What am I doing wrong?

What can I be doing more?

How could I POSSIBLY be doing more?

From Monday to Friday we follow routine: Wake up, breakfast, school/work, home, cook dinner/play, shower, dinner, bed. By this point my brain has zero energy left to think about anything more.

On weekends we play catch up with life; laundry, cleaning, grocery, meal prep and let’s not forget extra curriculars and birthday parties.

Then there is the whole MOM GUILT. I know you have been there too; we all have had that feeling of “I am just not doing enough!” Aria is growing up SO fast that I feel like I need to do everything for her RIGHT NOW! So, every extra minute I have in the day, I try to spend with her, just playing with her, or reading to her, or simply talking to her.

BUT every night as I fall asleep, I still think of this little cherished space of mine on the internet. Where I get to come and share my ideas or as I did in this post; VENT ABOUT LIFE!

I miss it.

So, I am back. I can’t promise that I will post regularly, but I promise I will post more than once a year and that’s a start 😊.

This year Aria will be starting Kindergarten 😐 and oh the things I have to share, my mind is buzzzzzzing.

So, stay tuned, and hopefully I’ll catch you guys in my next post.

Hugs and kisses to all,


Before I go, I want to say thank you to all of you that wanted me to come back and keep writing. People that stopped me to ask why I wasn’t writing anymore, or just stopped me to tell me how much they appreciated my posts. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, your words and encouragement are why this post is going up today!

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