3 Ways Motherhood Changed Me – #blogcember day 18

On December 22, 2016, I became a mother, and I haven’t been the same person since. The love that was born in my heart the moment the nurse placed Aria on my chest is unexplainable. This little being was in the world for about two minutes, and she had already become my whole entire world. Little did I know, she was about to bring out parts of me I never knew existed.

I came to know unconditional love

Unconditional love, is just that, unconditional. There is nothing Aria can do that will make me love her less. It. Is. Impossible. She can pull my hair, scratch my cheeks, stick her finger up my nose (I’m not saying she does these things…ok not ALL the time) and I will still love her. She could turn the house upside down (which she does) and keep me up ALL night (which she has), for some reason my love for her just keeps growing.

 I became mama bear

You don’t want to make mama bear angry, by messing with her cub. I have developed a sense of insane protectiveness. Just thinking that I am responsible for keeping this innocent little baby safe, gives me chills. That is one HUGE responsibility and I intend to do it justice. If Aria lets out even a whimper, I feel like my claws come out. “WHO DARE MAKE MY BABY CRY!?” I will protect her with everything in my power and more.

I became selfless and selfish

How can I be both of these things at once you ask? Well I rarely think about myself any more, if at all. My thoughts are consumed with everything related to Aria. What will she eat today? What new activities should I try today? Hmm has she pooped today? (There I go with the poop again!) But I am not complaining, I absolutely LOVE it! I love it to the point that I don’t want to share these duties with anybody else! I want to dress her, I want to feed her, I want to play with her, I want to sing to her, heck I even want to change her poopy diaper! (Yes, I can see Ali throwing this post in my face the next time I ask him to change her). But you get the idea, I love being a mom to Aria, and sometimes I don’t want to share these moments with anyone else!

I’m sure as she grows and I grow with her, there will be many more changes to come. Without even trying, Aria is shaping me into the mom I’m meant to be. It’s crazy how such a little human can make such a big impact on your life! If you’re a mom, how has your little one changed your life so far? I would love to know!!

Hugs and Kisses to all!

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 4.57.20 PM

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