My Journey Through Pregnancy – #blogcember Day 2

I am BACK! Are you shocked??? I sure am. Day 2 of #blogcember baby! As I mentioned yesterday, today’s post is going to be about the time I grew a baby. I still can’t get over the fact that my body was able to create a human being. Am I being too dramatic? I don’t think so. Well ok, Ali (hubby darling) helped a bit I guess, but growing the tiny fetus in my uterus for nine months was all me. Crazy right?

So let’s start at the beginning, get comfy, this is going to be a long one.

I found out I was pregnant on April 13th 2016. I took approximately 15 pregnancy tests just to be sure (not exaggerating) I just couldn’t believe the first 14 tests (trust issues).

We encountered many shocked faces as we told our family and friends. I myself was shocked! Mainly because Ali and I had only been married about 6 months at the time, we were not expecting to be expecting so soon (pun definitely intended 😉

I think the initial shock had a lot to do with the way I felt during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Everything was happening so fast. I felt very anxious thinking about what was to come. First, would my body be able to handle pregnancy? Second, would I be able to go through labour? Third and most terrifying, would I be able to take care of my baby? My mind was racing 24/7. I hate to say it, but in all honesty, there was very little excitement during the first few months. I won’t even lie and say that this all changed the first time I heard my baby’s heartbeat because for me it actually made me more scared. I know earlier in the post I sounded super cocky by saying I grew a baby all by myself blah blah blah, but I was actually very scared to have this responsibility. I had never been one to really look after my health and now, not only did I have to look after myself but I also had to take care of this tiny, delicate ‘thing’ inside of me.

Soon advice started pouring in from family and friends “eat more walnuts, eat more salmon,” “don’t drink soda, don’t lift heavy things” I started second-guessing my every action. Ok that sounds a bit dramatic. But I can say for sure that Google was my best friend. Before every meal I would ‘google’ the ingredients to make sure they were safe during pregnancy. HEY! I SEE YOU ROLLING YOUR EYES! I was scared ok?!

It wasn’t until the 20 week scan, where we saw her mini heart and her arms and legs and found out it was a girl, that I realized, this journey I was on wasn’t anything short of a miracle. Something changed in that moment, I can’t even put it into words, but all that anxiety turned into pure love. I wont lie and say it was all rainbows from that point on because it wasn’t. At all. I still googled everything I ate to make sure it was ok. I still felt my tummy for movement every half hour. I still read every pregnancy blog to best prepare myself, but it was no longer because I HAD to, it was because I wanted to. I wanted to do the best for my baby.

Now my nausea didn’t come in to affect until the second trimester. I thought I was exempt from this pregnancy symptom but turns out it just showed up late. I was craving all the junk food but I wasn’t able to keep anything down. I still can’t eat a burger from A&W without thinking about…yuck! You know the drill, I ate, and I threw up… I think we can skip this part.

The last bit of my pregnancy was by far the best. My nausea had subsided and I was finally enjoying all the yummy food coming my way. I was able to enjoy my Godh Bharai (traditional ceremony performed by the expecting girl’s mother) and my baby shower. I am so thankful for all my family and friends who went out of their way to make me feel loved and were with me every step of the way.

And finally, I can’t end this post without saying thank you to my husband. He was right there with me through all the emotions, the tears, the midnight cravings, the midnight sickness, he was there through it all. I couldn’t have gone through the journey without him, literally, I couldn’t even reach my feet to put my shoes on!

My journey through pregnancy wasn’t all fun and games, but I am SO thankful that I was lucky enough to experience it and the reward at the end of it is just incomparable to any other.

If you guys are still here reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing interest and sticking around. If you are pregnant right now, I wish you all the best for this journey!

Tomorrow I will be sharing my labour and delivery story…EEK. Hope to see you guys back here tomorrow for #blogcember day 3.

Hugs and kisses to all!

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 4.57.20 PM


Some highlights from my pregnancy underneath for you 🙂



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