Guacamole Dip

Avocados are all the hype right now, you see them everywhere, and they are taking over social media. For good reason too, Avocado is known as a “super food” because of all the health benefits it provides. They are full of fiber, help to lower bad cholesterol, and they have anti aging properties that help keep you feeling youthful! Furthermore, avocados are a great choice for moms to be because they are high in Folic Acid, which helps in preventing neural birth defects.avocado-1276875__180

Having said all of this, I have a little confession, I DON’T like Avocados. I have tried them numerous times, in different recipes (on toast with tomatoes, or with a fried egg), but it still didn’t satisfy my taste buds.

THEN one day while digging into a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos I thought of the most famous Avocado dish: The Guacamole. Now, I had tried guacamole before, the store bought kind, and I didn’t care for it but I thought I would make my own version with a little more pizazz, more colour, more texture…more than just avocado. It turned out so good (toot toot- that’s me tooting my own horn) I decided to share with all of you; Avocado lovers and non-lovers alike. Now I can eat my Doritos and not feel guilty about it! (Who am I kidding? I never felt guilty!)

What you need:

1 avocado

1 Medium Tomato

1 Mini Cucumber

¼ Red Bell Pepper

¼ Red Onion

1 TB Lemon Juice

¼ TS garlic powder

¼ TS Salt

¼ TS Pepper

What to do:

  1. Cut the Avocado in half, take out the seed, scoop out the meat and smash it up in a bowl
  2. Add the lemon juice, garlic powder, salt and pepper
  3. Cut up all your vegetables into small pieces
  4. Add the veggies into the smashed avocado and mix it all up

That’s it! You’re done! Grab some Doritos and scoop up this delicious Guacamole!

Perfect Guacamole to Dorito Ratio 🙂 


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