What I do While the Baby Naps – #blogcember day 12


Don’t get me wrong, I love love love spending my days playing with Aria. Even if she is entertaining herself, I just like to sit there and watch her play. I love to see how she absorbs the world around her.

But the minute I put her down in her crib and successfully tip toe out of the room, I feel like a free woman. I get 1 hour (sometimes more) to do ANYTHING I want (granted it’s not too loud of course).

My mind races as I rush downstairs to make the most of this time. First things first, reheat my coffee for the third time. Then comes the difficult part; deciding what I should actually do! Should I take a nap? Should I shower? Should I eat something?

I should work on the blog OR I could catch up on my favourite T.V. show.

Then again the house is a disaster, maybe I should clean up first. Oh, I know! I’ll start dinner for tonight…darn, the chicken is still frozen.

Maybe I’ll sit down for a second while I think about what to do… tick tock tick tock.

More often then not, I end up staying on that couch with my half a cup of coffee in one hand and my cell phone in the other. No, I don’t feel guilty about it.

When Aria is awake, I make it a point to be 100% present with her. I probably sound like a broken record but I know that once I go back to work, I won’t have time like this with her. So when she’s awake, I am feeding her, playing with her, cuddling her, crawling around with her, reading to her, singing with her as MUCH as I can. And when she’s tired and ready for a nap… mama is ready for a rest too! Now I’m not saying that EVERY nap time is mommy’s rest time too…. never mind…I’m not fooling anyone here.

Yes my kitchen is a mess. Yes dinner will be late. Yes I’ll be up late working on the blog.

It’s ok.

It’s worth it.

Of course I know lots of moms that give 110 % to their kids AND spend naptime doing chores or working from home… I salute those moms; maybe with the next one I’ll try to be more like them. (Relax mom, I’m not pregnant)

If you’re a mama, how do YOU spend your precious naptime? Leave a comment down below, I would love to hear from you!

Hugs and Kisses to all!

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16 thoughts on “What I do While the Baby Naps – #blogcember day 12

  1. Sehrish, your blog reminds me of when I was a young mom, and I am talking about more than 25 years ago. As a young mom my mind also had the same thoughts like you have today when my babies slept. “What should I do now?…..so much to do what should start with.”
    Its wonderful to hear that you are doing what you want to do during that special mom time.
    Keep on writing. You are doing a great job awakening all those cherished memories of being young moms at one time for moms like me out there.

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  2. Oh man I can so relate to this blog…everyday I rush down and think twice and I end up being a couch potato with my tea, rusk and phone 🙂
    Sehrish I am so loving your blogs.

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